Gold And Silver Investment Bullion

We deal with some of the largest precious metals refineries in Europe and as such we can sell bullion at very competitive prices. Call 020 7404 4207 to speak to a member of the team to take advantage of these great prices today.

  Gold Coins
Full SovereignKrugerrand 1ozGold Maple 1ozGold Britania 1ozGold Lunar
Prices We Buy£417.41£1,768.76£1,769.70£1,769.70£1,775.39
Prices We Sell£446.63£1,906.73£1,911.28£1,911.28£1,904.11

  Gold Bars
20g Fine Gold1oz Fine Gold50g Fine Gold100g Fine Gold250g Fine Gold500g Fine Gold1 kilo Fine Gold
Prices We Buy£1,138.07£1,769.70£2,845.18£5,690.36£14,225.91£28,451.82£56,903.64
Prices We Sell£1,220.58£1,898.01£3,038.65£6,020.41£14,994.11£29,902.86£59,691.92

  Silver Coins (Ex VAT)
Silver Maple 1ozSilver Britania 1ozSilver Eagle 1ozSilver Lunar 1oz
Prices We Buy£19.52£19.52£19.52£19.52
Prices We Sell£23.02£23.17£23.12£22.82

  Silver Bars (Ex VAT)
500g Fine Silver1 Kilo Fine Silver
Prices We Buy£313.82£627.65
Prices We Sell£354.62£696.69

For more information or to purchase or sell items please contact us.
To buy investment gold (VAT free) and investment Silver (VAT inc) we require the following items of identification:
Photo ID - passport or driving licence 
Proof of address - recent utility bill 

The prices quoted on this site are for reference only and are based on the latest updated fixes. Due to the current volatility in the metal markets the prices given may be slightly different.
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